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Hello there! This is us on the other side of the camera. We are very laid back, mountain loving type of people. Nature fuels us and exploring places off the map is our favorite thing. 

When we got married the number one priority was to have our union remembered in a unique, quiet beautiful way that reflected exactly the day as it was. We just wanted candid & raw still's that lasted a lifetime. This is how we shoot, and the approach we take for our clients.

We understand how valuable It is to look back at those sweet soft moments of your grand dad brushing away his tears, your puppy giving everyone slobbery kisses, and most importantly giving you images that stir back all the feelings you had in those moments.

You might say "but I feel so awkward in front of the camera". Thats ok! Us too. Trust us, no fake smiles, no cheesy, no hair fussing. No silly expectations and pressure.


Nah, we want to actually chill out, listen to music and get shots of you both having fun. Let's let creativity flow and go on an adventure.

"I was so nervous about taking photos since we haven't had them done before but after our engagements I knew our wedding day would run smoothly" 

You are so much more than just another client.

You matter, your legacy is important and you deserve something special.  We want to understand who you are, and tell your story in the most raw way possible. We view our work as a collaboration between us and you. 

Lets focus on your love. The feelings. Butterflies, giggles and sometimes quiet tears as you take moments to enjoy each other. Take us to your favorite spot, or lets hop on the ferris wheel if thats your dream. Skateboards, guitars, bare feet allowed

Whatever fuels your veins, lets go with that! Mid day, sunset, rainy stormy ocean, whatever you name it. Adventure should be our middle names. We aren't the photographers afraid of mud, scared of bugs, or canceling due to anything wild, we love it all.

Let us give you something different. We work with the people we connect with. We think this part is really really important. We want us to  all be smiling big by the end of the day and stoked with how everything turned out.  

Our Services



Let's hang out! If you are looking to update some shots of you both, hoping to send out awesome engagements, or coming up on an anniversary, let's snap some sweet memories for you. Wanna meet at your place, or your favorite movie theater to catch a film after? Whether it's laid back snuggling at home, or on a new adventure somewhere in the mountains, we are game. 300 final edited delivered images.



Announcing your vows in front of all your loved ones? Congratulations! This is for you. Our heart gets beating faster with excitement when we get to connect with you and hear your story.

let's make images that reflect your big day so closely to what it was that each time to look back, its like you were there.

 multiple options for coverage length.

2000 minumum final edited images.

Want something more intimate? Always loved the idea of promising yourselves to each other in your favorite spot? Maybe you've dreamed of saying "I do" in a new country atop a mountain...Whatever the case we adore elopements and hold a special place in our heart for you.

1000+ final edited delivered images.


If you are thinking about having us film your big day lets chat! There are a lot of different edits we can make that will really help you remember your big day, and we can customize what we do to fit your needs.


Exclusively to Utah! We are SO excited to be offering this new shoot style. We have taken a lot of time to explore remote, wild, and very serene areas in Utah. This session is all about the adventure, exploring, and having a good laid back kind of experience. We want it to feel like the cherry on top that we get photos of you two on our adventure. We talk about a fun place we all want to go, and plan the trip! This is our very favorite way to shoot. The images that we get always blow us away. 150 final edited images.

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