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As a little girl I(Brooke) would spend many Sundays scrapbooking all the photos I had taken over the weekend, carefully placing each piece of paper, ribbon and flower. I treasured photos and memories and spent a lot of time marveling over how cool it was that I had physical evidence of my favorite moments. 

I want you to know that I completely get it. I get that feeling you have about wanting to look back on your big love with memories that represent you as you are. You want someone who is going to care just as much about each interaction as you do. I can assure you, Im your girl. This isn't a job for me, its a passion. Packed full of heart.

Hello there, I'm Tanner!

When I was in high school I would drive my truck up into the mountains, hike up some faint trail with my dog and find a place to camp that night. Just a sleeping bag and the stars. Then early in the morning i'd get dressed and run to school. The mountains are everything to me. (Thus, our plethora of outdoor locations!) 

When I graduated my dad gifted me with my first Go Pro. That was the start of everything. Any chance I'd get I would go explore and take time lapses, photos, videos galore, all while going through college. Then, Brooke and I got married and we both noticed that what we went to school for really wasn't what we wanted to do. So we gave it all up, and found ourselves with a camera in our hands and a moment of bliss as we smiled at each other and said "Lets do this thing!" (That was over 3 years ago) and ever since we've been documenting the best love stories with the coolest people. 


Authentic, Natural, & Timeless.

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